Celtic Shores Coastal Trail

Trail Details

The Trailway is part of the Blue Route provincial cycling network.

Trailheads: There are over thirty trailheads and access points.  For location and GPS coordinates visit the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail website (www.celticshores.ca).

Surface: Most of the trail is smooth and hard-packed. (Upgrading yearly)

Cycling Speed: 20 km/hr (12 miles/hr)

The trail grade is almost flat with very few slight inclines.  Hybrid or mountain bikes are best suited for this trail.  Other uses include hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ATVing, equestrian, geocaching.

Trail Rules and Etiquette

The Celtic Shores Coastal Trail is a shared use trail that is operational year round. Please use the trail responsibly.  Expect to see the following users on the trail: cyclists, hikers, walkers, equestrians and summer motorized.  In winter you will find people snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, and snowmobiling.

Some Highlights Along the Trail:

Cyclists and low impact hikers please note: For best cycling and walking trail surface conditions it is recommended that you access the trail from Route 19 at the Troy Station, 5.6 km from the round-about/rotary.   The first 2km of trail starting at the Canal offer spectacular scenery and a modest trail surface for hiking and sight seeing but recommend cyclists or low impact hikers exit the trail at that point. The next 5 km  (between the Canal and Troy Station Trailhead) contain some sea-swept sections of the trail that have resulted in medium to difficult hiking and “hike a bike” trail surface  conditions.